Voice recorders can be used for a wide range of purposes. It is undoubtedly the most important piece of equipment any investigator could have at anytime. A lot of time used for recording eye witness testimony but can be also used to record spirit EVP.

According to paranormal researchers, Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) are speech or speech-like sounds, which are inaudible during recording but detected on electronic recording media upon playback. They are typically brief, usually the length of a word or short phrase and are sometimes claimed to be in direct response to the questions of researchers if intelligent.

It is key for any investigator to carry and be recording at all times during any sort of investigations. The best notes you can have are impromptu recording as you experience something in real time as it is happening.





The PX device is a more recent piece of equipment which has been built to allegedly communicate with spirits. This device is basically used as a tool for verbal communication since it has a built in dictionary. The theory is that spirits may be able to communicate with this device by changing the environment which in turn may produce the proper words within the built-in dictionary on the PX device.

The PX device is based on Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC), which was coined by Ernst Senkowski in the 1970s to refer more generally to communication through any sort of electronic device such as tape recorders, fax machines, television sets or computers between spirits or other discarnate entities and the living.

Spirit Box P-SB7:



The “Geophone” is a small device developed to measure ground movements. Originally designed to measure seismic activity, as in earthquakes and tremors, the geophone has become an increasingly popular tool in the field of paranormal investigations.

The geophone is a relatively small machine that has a square or rectangular body, a cylindrical coil on the end, and is topped by a series of 10 LED lights. The geophone is able to convert displaced ground movement or vibrations to a voltage, and lights up one or more of the LEDs depending on the strength of the displacement.

Paranormal investigators have adapted the geophone as a vital instrument in detecting the footsteps of ghosts. Just as “phantom” footsteps can be heard and picked up on audio devices, they may effect the ground upon which they walk as well. Preliminary reports have indicated that the geophone works exceptionally well on wooden and concrete surfaces, but is less effective in carpeted areas.


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