Recommended Reads

FRINGE~OLOGY: How I tried to explain away the unexplainable – and couldn’t

This is the book that made me decide to start Fringe Paranormal Project. Written by Steve Volk who is your normal average journalist from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. He writes for several magazines such as Philadelphia Magazine to name one. He is not a paranormal researcher or apart of any Ghost or UFO hunting teams. He is just a writer who speaks his mind about what he view. As discussed in his book he has had a paranormal encounters in his early childhood and it seems those experiences made him want to explore more about the world of the unknown.

My favorite paranormal books aren’t written by paranormal researchers and this is why I love this book. It gives you a perception from an everyday person that you (as a researcher) would find it hard to grasp because you have been swayed one way or another by your findings.

He writes for both the mystics (as he calls them in his book) and skeptics. Which to me is the most logical way to investigate. Don’t go into a haunted house either trying to prove or disprove. That won’t get you anywhere because you are biased and won’t allow yourself to see whats truly going on. This is one point from the book I learned the most.

Through his travels in the book Steve ventures into many territory’s of the paranormal. He investigates one of my favorite UFO flaps over Stephenville Texas and how citizens are scared to come forward because they didn’t want to be “Embarrassed Americans”. He also brings together the skeptics and believers of telepathy to show the conflict between the two. He also reveals the science into spirituality with meditation and prayer. He also covers NDE (Near-Death-Experiences), talks about his own childhood experiences, and goes on a ghost hunt with the famous paranormal investigator Lou Gentile.

The introduction alone sold the book to me. He is blunt with both sides of the paranormal community. And finally someone has the galls to say it. From Possibilianism, Quantum Mechanics, and your Amygdala it all set up for you in the intro to understand his view-point and where he is going with this book. You must note the subtitle of this book because  it’s important. Fringe is the outer edge of science. Fringe is where we live our lives because we live in an uncertain world. Fringe is going to be our future and that’s what he wants you to know.


Out of all the “Para-celebs” out there Barry Fitzgerald is the most educated and logical investigator out there. After reading this book I gained a lot of respect for his work. This book is best read by seasoned researchers due to deep theories into the ghost hunting field. Barry was one of the leading investigators into theory that spirit are on a higher vibration than humans. He then developed what is now a popular tool in the paranormal community called the Full Spectrum Camera which has radically changed the field. Before “Ghost Hunters” and “GHI” Barry was actually investigating and wasn’t cast like some actor. In the book he details several of his investigation prior to fame and those are very intriguing to read. Only flaw to this book is it’s editing. Several flaws and even several paragraphs mysteriously double on a page. All in all a good read for a veteran investigator.


A British man and author now stuck in Dallas Texas wife his. Nick has written numerous books on many topics such as Cryptozoology, UFO, Conspiracy’s, and Government Cover Up’s. Just to list some of his books he has written: Most recently Keep Out, Three Men Seeking Monsters, Body Snatchers In The Desert, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter, The Real Men In Black, Final Events, The NASA Conspiracies, Contactees, & Strange Secrets.

Out of any paranormal author Nick presents his findings in the better than any other author I know. Coming from a journalist background all he simply does is present the facts and lets you the reader decide for yourself about what he has presented. Often times at the end of his books he will give a little of his own interpretation on his studies but always keeps it open with a question rather than a period. All of Nicks book are a quintessential base for my studies and allow me to think critically.








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