Spirits as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary 
1: An animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms
2: A supernatural being or essence: asa capitalized : holy spiritb : soul 2ac : an often malevolent being that is bodiless but can become visible; specifically : ghost 2d : a malevolent being that enters and possesses a human being
3: Temper or disposition of mind or outlook especially when vigorous or animated <in high spirits>
4: The immaterial intelligent or sentient part of a person
*Brown Lady of Raynham Hall ghost photograph, Captain Hubert C. Provand. First published in Countrylife magazine, 1936
A recent poll from CBS has concluded that a majority of the population believe in the presence of spirits and ghost.
It is my personal belief that number has and is slowly rising with the times. But what exactly is a “Ghost”? That answer is more complicated than most think. There are MANY types if spirit entities out there. This page is dedicated to helping you understand these types and why the are in existence.

*Photo’s taken with Full Spectrum Camera. It appears that a invisible mist to eyes is forming on the empty seat of the couch during a spirit communication session. Photo’s taken by Founder Mark Fairchild.

Did you know that there is a difference between a Spirit & a Ghost?


Spirits are simply a human being without a body. Often intelligent in their responses. In other words an intelligent haunting. These entities are often stuck in this plane of existence for some reason that is often unknown. Many common reasons are that they have unfinished business or are trapped in certain locations due to commitments they were not able to attend to while alive. Other reasons are that the spirits simply do not know that they are dead. With a spirit communication session we would try and convince the spirit of their passing and ask for them to move on to a better place. Some spirits often stay earthbound due to the fact they are scared of crossing over. Its a moral dilemma for them and its up to them whenever they are ready. I don’t believe we as humans can force them to cross but we can certainly talk to them and tell them there’s a whole lot better waiting for them on the other side.


Ghost are different from spirits because they usually exude non-intelligent responses; i.e. a residual haunting. People often report hearing footsteps in the same spot at the same time of day. This is an example of a residual haunting. Think of it like a cinema movie on repeat that’s playing out in a house or business. During a person’s lifetime we emit energy everyday and sometimes that energy can become trapped in a building’s material. Especially if the energy you emit is high due to an angry argument or bouts of severe depression. Violence in a location is also a extreme energy output and is very likely to be embedded into the walls. As I said before, ghosts do not have any intelligence and are often hard to get rid of. After a period of time this repeating energy will start to deplete and eventually will go away for good. One of my favorite stories of a ghost is about a man who grew up in small town house who had an abusive father. While living there many extreme emotions were trapped and they eventual moved out. Well the kid grew up to be an adult and bought that very same house he lived in. Through the years of living there he kept having paranormal occurrences and one day woke to hear his Dad (who had passed away) screaming in the living room and then a child that sounded almost exactly like him screaming. Needless to say it seems like the ghost of his childhood was haunting the same house he was living in. Weird huh?

*Photos taken a Booneville sanatorium with an IR camera with no flash. First photo shows a strange anomalous light that didn’t show up in the after photo. Photo taken by Founder Mark Fairchild.

Transient Spirits:

These spirits are considered wandering souls. Often trying to find a location that suits their needs for awhile. But never settling into one spot for a long period of time for reasons unknown. It is my belief that these types of spirits longed to travel in their human existence but never got the chance to while they were alive. These spirits can often attach themselves to a person they can relate to. This can often explain why a brand new house could be haunted. No one knows how or why these spirits travel but if asked to leave these entities often oblige and move on to there next haunt.


Animal Manifestations:

The question of whether an animal—usually a family pet—might be capable of manifesting itself is a source for considerable debate. First, since many people frequently form a very strong bond with their pets, it’s not remarkable then when ghosts of those pets sometimes enter into the mix. The question, however, is not whether these manifestations are being produced by the conscious, free-will actions of the deceased pet—as it is assumed human based ghosts or personalities do—but if they are produced subconsciously by the viewer. This is not to imply such encounters are hallucinations-though this may sometimes be the case-but that the human mind might hold the image of the beloved pet so tightly in its subconscious that it might be able to inadvertently manifest it under ideal conditions. The apparition, then, is not the literal spirit of the dead animal, but a type of ‘memory bubble’ produced by the observer’s own inherent but unconscious telekinetic energy. In this case, it is the owner’s love for their pet that keeps the pet’s spirit alive, not the inherent nature of the animal itself. The fact that the vast majority of animal ghosts are those of beloved family pets-manifestations of regular farm animals and wild animals are far less common-could be an important clue that this might be the case.

Another possibility is that animals do possess some very basic consciousness and may attach themselves to physical places in the same way some humans do; the manifestations, then, may be temporary residual energy bursts unconsciously created by even the most primitive animal consciousness for a brief period of time, and one that lasts only until the basic energy of the creature fades and it eventually winks out of existence. The analogy would be that of a glowing ember that continues to glow for a time after the fire has gone out; the animal’s consciousness may initially survive physical death for a time before eventually dissipating into nothingness or, perhaps, being absorbed into some form of greater ‘animal consciousness’.

Crisis Apparition:

Typically, the ghosts appear only once to a special loved one who may be many miles away at the time of the accident.  This phenomenon can also manifest in the person hearing a voice of a friend or loved one with some message or warning while the person who is heard speaking is no where near and totally unaware that this has occurred. Most of these crisis apparitions occur at a moment of great crisis or death when a person is in some form of danger or pain.

The person in crisis is not aware that they are doing this. It is explained and often agreed that these apparitions are the externalization of an unconsciously received telepathic impressions.  Other testimonies reveal projections of future events where the subject will attend a scene that will only happen in the future just as a dream.

In case of a confrontation with one’s own double, it is traditionally considered as an omen of bad luck or even death . Science links it with ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).


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