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Founder/Tech & Team Manger: Mark Fairchild

Mark comes from a unique background which is unlike most paranormal researchers in this field. Unlike most in this field Mark never grew up in a haunted house, experienced paranormal activities, or even really knew anyone that had until joining a paranormal investigation group almost three year ago. Mark’s interest in the paranormal stems from a deeply held belief that everything that can be deemed paranormal is connected to other paranormal entities in some manner. Mark is often quoted as stating that when you analyze UFO reports, cryptozoological reports, ghost/spirits, conspiracies, and ancient astronaut theories you will find a common thread that will show even the most skeptical person that you simply can’t explain away everything with simple day to day explanations. Mark began researching these phenomena at a young age by voraciously reading any books he could find on these subjects since early high school. To date his personal library is over 200 books (not including books on his Kindle) on many of subjects. Mark prides himself on not just focusing on one portion of the paranormal but rather all aspects and subjects that may be paranormal or simply unexplained. He learned a great deal from these groups that has allowed him to bring a flexible attitude to FRINGE. Mark’s primary area of expertise is tech-oriented and he is constantly searching the market for new technology and how to employ them. Mark plan to further his education by focusing his studies on anthropology and archaeology with a drama minor with the ultimate goal of traveling the world seeking out his own truth for the unexplained. Mark enjoys reading, comic books, sci-fi and horror movies, and seeing how many applications an 16 gig I-Phone can hold without crashing.

Co-Founder/ Business & Investigation Coordinator

With over 15 years of experi-ence in Army Special Forces as a counter-intelligence and surveillance specialist and over 5 years of experience as a senior Pentagon Opera-tions Analyst, Dr. Davis brings to the team a unique point of view on the Paranormal and investigation techniques. Dr. Davis graduated cum laude from the University of California – Davis with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, magna cum laude with a Masters of Arts in International Relations from the John F. Kennedy School of Government – Harvard, cum laude with a Masters of Business Administra-tion from the Wharton Business School – Massachu-setts Institute of Technology with an emphasis in Operational Research and Analysis, and summa cum laude with a PhD in Political Science from Cor-nell with an emphasis in governmental reconstruction. Dr. Davis is a self-avowed skeptic who finds nothing more exciting in life than to conduct in-depth investigations of things that can’t simply be explained using conventional wisdom or investigation techniques


Looking for eager people to join our team right now! If interested please send an e-mail to Any and all are allowed to apply! Hope to here from you!!


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