Like all topics of the paranormal, UFOs & Aliens have to top the list of being the most complicated to research. With this subject you are dealing with the government and many cases of disinformation. It’s very hard to sift truth from lies.

Most people who experience witnessing a UFO are often everyday people like you and me. Most cases go undocumented due to the fact that if they came out with it they would be slandered and called crazy. We here at Fringe Paranormal approach every case with an open mind and take every report with a reasonable view.

TYPES OF UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object):

The Classic Saucer Shaped Craft:

On June 24, 1947, while flying near Mt. Rainer, Arnold claimed to have seen nine unusual objects flying in the skies. This claim is what sparked what we now call saucer shaped disk. Shortly after in June or July 1947 the incident known as the Roswell crash hit the national news. From then on thousands or possibly millions of people have reported seeing disk shaped objects in the sky.

V Shaped Craft:

Cigar Shaped Craft:

Orb Drones:

Government Classified Craft:


*This part gets a little weird.

The “Grey’s”:

There are several sub-types of the greys.All tend to appear greyish in color and for this reason are reffered to as “Greys”. They have large heads and black “wrap around”eyes. They have limited facial features,slit for a mouth and no nose to speak of. They have evolved beyond the need for reproductive systems or digestive systems and reproduce by cloning. Their science deals largely with the study of other life forms and genetic engineering. They have supposedly had a part to play in the alteration of human genetics over thousands of years. It seems that they may be trying to cross breed with humans in order to create a “mixture race” that would be better than either. They seem to be emotionless and therefor are seen as cruel in their treatment of human beings. These greys are actually servants to a master race of reptilian-type aliens known as the Reptilians.



Nordics are typically described as six to seven feet tall with long blond hair and blue eyes. Their skin is said to range from fair colored to tanned, and they are sometimes reported to wear skintight clothing. During the 1950s, many contactees, especially those in Europe, reported beings fitting this description. Such claims became relatively less common in subsequent decades, as the grey alien supplanted the Nordic in most stories of extraterrestrial encounters, but Nordic aliens are still occasionally reported. Nordic aliens have been described as benevolent or even “magical” beings who want to observe and communicate with humans. Contactees have said that the Nordics are concerned about the earth’s environment or prospects for world peace, and may transmit messages telepathically


A genetics akin to reptiles,these are highly advanced entities but viewed as being negatives,hostile or dangerous disposition since they regard humans as a totally inferior race. They would perceive us much the way we would perceive a herd of cattle. Reptilians are carnivorous in regard to humans. They consider earth to be their own ancient outpost and would expect to have complete control of the entire planet upon their return. Their own planet is becoming unable to adequately support life and they need somewhere else to live. They have the greys “working” for them as they wish not to be seen.

Ataiens/Praying Mantis

*Traditional view. In this drawing this race has a lot of the same feature’s as a Grey Alien. Maybe they are some sort of hybrid of genetic manipulation.

*This is a glorified artist view on what the Ataiens have been known to look like.

Long narrow faces, slanted large eyes, long insect like body with strong resemblance to the praying mantis. Experiencers have reported this being is no insect but an intelligent, gentle-spirited but somewhat hyper and jerky moving, human like lifeforms (both male and females). Most are around 6ft. tall and their coloring ranges from light gray to gold.


2 responses to “Ufology

  1. Jaysen ⋅

    I admire your site, but the pic of the mantis is verry wrong. The atiens have really long necks, and definately do look like praying mantises.Some of my friends would definately be insulted, and the internet has better pictures. Look up insectoid, or mantis alien.

    • Thanks for the kind words. The website is a work in progress. In response to the picture in question I searched through pictures of the species and found that this picture was the best suited for an artist rendering. I will keep it up because of the sighting report that accompanied it. But in all due respect I do see your point that it is a little over drawn. So I will, along with it, add a more toned down rendering of another Mantis to show another perspective. I would as well, be interested to know of these friends that would be insulted. Have they met any Ataiens in person to know to be insulted? Thanks a lot!

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